Russian salad

Posted By : Nimmy
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  • Carrots
    - 200 gm
  • Turnips
    - 50 gm
  • Fresh beans
    - 50 gm
  • Peas
    - 50 gm
  • vinaigrette
    - 1 1/2 table spoon
  • Mayonnaise
    - 125 ml
  • Salt and pepper
    - To taste


  1. Peel and wash the carrots and turnips,cut into 1/2 cm dice or butons.
  2. Cook sepearatley in salted water, refresh and drain well.
  3. Top and tail the beans and cut into 1/2 cm dicc,cook,refresh and drain well.
  4. Cook the peas refresh and drain well.
  5. Mix all the well drained vegetables with vinegratte and the mayonatise.
  6. Correct the seasoning,dress relativity.

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