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  • cabbage(thinny sliced or shredded)
    - 200 gm
  • tomato(thinny sliced-lengthwise)
    - 1 big tomato
  • capsicum(finely shredded-lengthwise)
    - 1
  • carrots(finely grated)
    - 2
  • pepper powder
    - 1 teaspoon
  • lime
    - 1
  • spring onions(thinny-sliced-lengthwise)
    - 2
  • salt
    - to taste


  1. Wash cabbage,tomato,capsicum and carrot.
  2. chop onions with leaves finely.
  3. slice or grate all the other vegitables uniformly.
  4. put all these ingedients in a salad bowl.
  5. add salt to taste,and a teaspoon of pepper powder.
  6. mix well then just before serving,squeeze the juice of a lime.
  7. serve cold, a pinch of masala or chilli powder can be added and mixed well if desired.

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